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Chon Sul Kwan Hapkido Intensive Seminar DVD

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The Universal Taekwondo Alliance in Association with Black Dragon Martial Arts, LLC.

Proudly Presents:

UTA Master Instructor Ken Ducote

Palgwe 1-8 Hyungs/Forms DVD

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Black Belt 1st-5th Dan Hyungs/Forms  DVD

Koryo (1st Dan) -  Kumgang (2nd Dan) -  Taebeak (3rd Dan) -   Pyong Won (4th Dan) -  Sip Jin (5th Dan)

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The Universal Taekwondo Alliance

Proudly Presents:

UTA Grandmaster Instructors Jan Brown & Barry Rodemaker



Masters of Taekwondo DVD Series

Grandmaster Jan Brown teaching basic Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo techniques and drills

Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker teaching tactical application of traditional Taekwondo blocks

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2013 THA Conference DVD Series 2 Disc Set

4 Hours of instruction from Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors of the THA/UTA.

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THA Weapons Instructor Training Seminar DVD

Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker walks you through applications and concepts of Chon Sul Kwan Hapkido as it relates to

use with self-defense weapons.

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Chon Sul Kwan Hapkido Ground Survival plus steel baton  DVD

Grandmaster Rodemaker walks you through break-falls, ground defensive position, defense from the guard/cross mount/mount a using concepts from the Chon Sul Kwan System

plus the application of the expandable steel baton.


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Tactical Hapkido Alliance Training DVD's

Tactical Hapkido White/Black Belt DVD

Tactical Hapkido Advanced DVD

Tactical Hapkido Cane DVD

Stick/Knife & Trapping Drills DVD

Tactical Keychain DVD

Taekwondo White/Black Belt DVD


Tactical Hapkido DVD's






 Product Information
The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Concepts, Theories & Techniques

This 300-page all encompassing encyclopedia is a tell-all guide to the martial art of Tactical Hapkido. Written by Tactical Hapkido Alliance Founder and President Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker and Executive Vice President Master James W. Ziots, the encyclopedia offers step-by-step instructions, with black and white photos, to techniques learned throughout the Tactical Hapkido studentís journey to black belt.
The book starts with a detailed description of the history of Tactical Hapkido, while also discussing the theories of the martial art. It then has an overview of the basic stances, strikes and kicks used in the system. From there, you begin as a white belt, learning the techniques as you would in the dojang. You can work your way up through the ranks to fourth-dan black belt, learning the techniques taught at each level in the system of Tactical Hapkido. The book also discusses the use of ki power while training in Tactical Hapkido and has blank pages in the back to use for personal training notes.
Overall, The System of Tactical Hapkido: The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Concepts, Theories, & Techniques is a must-have guide for both the novice and seasoned Tactical Hapkido student, providing a direct reference for the techniques at each level and the history of the art.

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Official THA Patch

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